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Benefits of Making a Fairy Garden with Kids, Using a Fairy Door

TREE POETRY® Fairy Doors - Post Benefits of Making a Fairy Garden

Most of your days as a parent or a grandparent are spent wondering how to convince your children to get out and spend time in nature.

If you still haven’t come up with a plan, don’t give up just as yet, since you probably haven’t given a chance to the best idea out of them all, which is making a fairy garden using a fairy door.

These are miniature gardens, cultivated using small plants, and filled with tiny fairy furniture and accessories such as fairy doors and windows. Cute! Right?

Let’s take a look at more benefits of making a fairy garden with kids using fairy doors.

Learning Gardening

Through fairy gardens, kids can learn the science of gardening, whether it is flowers or plants. You can also give it a personal twist with ornamental plants and make a succulent fairy garden.
Kids can familiarize themselves with tools and even some basic gardening activities. They can understand the compatibility of different plants, their blooming days, and their varying needs.
Most of all, children can identify their interest in gardening and nature.

Develops Imagination And Creativity

Giving the kids freedom to cultivate a garden of their choice, in terms of plants and accessories, will provide them with a chance to exercise their creativity. They can come up with innovative and fun ways to decorate the garden. Kids fairy gardens will allow them to tap into their imaginations, which parents are afraid has taken a backseat since the age of technology.

For example, a fairy door can be attached to a tree trunk in a fairy garden, a pot on the patio, terrariums, or even your kids’ room as a mini fairy door or tooth fairy entryway.

TREE POETRY® Fairy Doors - Post Benefits of Making a Fairy Garden

A Fun Way To Bond!

Fairy gardening is not just for kids but a perfect way to spend quality time with your family. Making a fairy garden with kids will not only bring them closer to nature, but it will also give you an activity that both of you will enjoy together.

All family members can input their ideas and expectations from this project and make it even more worthwhile. This way, it can incorporate something from each member, and it’ll mean something for everyone. Anyways, the more, the merrier!

Teaches Responsibility And Care

Plants are like kids; they need love and attention. Making a fairy garden is an effective activity to teach children how to take responsibility and fulfill commitments, using a small scale scenario. As they will be so involved in the process, they will feel attached, and hence, work towards making it last.

Instills Patience

Gardening is thought of as a great exercise to instill patience in oneself. You do not get the results overnight; instead, it takes constant care and attention for plants to grow and flowers to bloom. Thus, this will help the kids understand that you often have to wait for good things to happen.

We all know how children always take a keen interest in fairies, and so, this enchanting and fascinating fairy garden with a beautiful tiny fairy door is just what you and your children need! This activity is not only about having a fun time but, even more so, helps impart some important life lessons to your little ones.

We think it’s time to build a fairy garden and welcome the fairies, gnomes, and pixies into your garden with a fairy door and windows!

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