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About Us

Welcome to Tree Poetry

Tree Poetry,  the shop that takes you a step closer to nature and builds your love for all things whimsical.

TREE POETRY® Fairy Doors

At Tree Poetry, we believe that choosing and planting garden plants is the first step in a long process of being in tune with nature. There is a wide range of fantastic and whimsical garden accessories that can transform your garden into a fairy wonderland that leaves everyone in awe.

We stock beautiful and unique garden accessories to help you begin and grow your garden into a fantastic work of art that invites nature, wellness, magic, and love.

Founded by a member of a close-knitted family, a dog-lover, and a passionate businesswoman, Tree Poetry works towards preserving and conserving nature in its significance. We donate a part of our proceeds to One Tree Planted to facilitate planting trees around the world.

Begin your journey into fantasy